Classical music

I study classical piano with Vladamir Pleshakov and his wife, Elena Winther. I just had a lesson with them this morning, so let’s talk classical! I am particularly taken with Liszt at the moment… I am currently working on one of his Etudes, titled “Harmonies du Soir” which translates into “Evening Harmonies.” Such an incredibly beautiful, powerful, and moving piece. Challenging, too!!! I just finished up “L’isle joyeuse” (The Island of Pleasure) by Debussy. It’s quite an interesting work… I’m also currently working on Brahms’ piano Sonata No. 3 which was written in 1853. It has five movements, and takes about 30-40 min. to perform in it’s entirety. I just wrapped up the first movement, which is 11 pages in it’s own right…. It’s dramatic at times, and gentle and tender at others. I love it, and I love playing it. But for all you people who aren’t particularly interested in hearing me go on and on about long-dead composers, I’ll cut it short. I’ve already gone on rambling for too long. I’ll leave you with a video of one of my favorite Rachmaninoff Preludes, as played by Emil Gilels.

Emil Gilels playing Rachmaninoff Prelude Op. 23 No. 5:


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