The Battlefield Band

I just got back from a “road trip/vacation” to Sellersville, PA with my friend and my sister. Our original reason for heading out there was to see three of our favorite bands play a triple-bill at The Sellersville Theater (which I will write about in another post, so stay tuned). However, when I went to the website of the theater, much to my surprise and delight I saw that The Battlefield Band was playing there two days before the other show!!! They’re from Scotland, and play a mix of traditional and new music. After discussing it with my friend and my sister, we decided to head drive out on Wednesday morning so we could go to their show too (they were playing on Wednesday evening). And so we did. The Battlefield Band was founded in 1969, although the current line-up is slightly different now than it was back then… The only original member still playing with the band is Alan Reid, who plays keyboard, guitar, and sings. The other current members are Mike Katz on Highland pipes/small pipes/various whistles, Sean O’Donnell on guitar and vocals, and Alasdair White on fiddle/whistle/banjo/bazouki. The show was really good and they’re all fantastic musicians, but I was a little disappointed. I felt that the performance lacked passion, and fire. For example, “Take Me To The Sea” is one of my favorite songs. Whenever I listen to it, it’s so beautiful that it makes me cry. When they played it live however, I was not particularly moved. The sound balance was a little off during the first half of the program, and you couldn’t really hear the fiddle or whistle… They must have adjusted the sound during intermission because when they started playing again, it was better. I enjoyed the second half more than the first, but the two songs they played for their encore were the highlight of the show for me. Those were the only songs which I felt were played with spirit, and in which they showed some animation and life. I took a few videos, even though you uh, kinda weren’t allowed too…. Unfortunately, they aren’t entirely straight because I was trying to be discreet about taking them. Anyway, here are some pictures and videos:



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