The Greatest Triple Bill on Earth!!

It’s great to see three of your favorite bands in the world play in one night at the same place. That was the case last Friday in Sellersville, PA. My friend, my sister, and myself went to see The Two Man Gentleman Band, The Hunger Mountain Boys, and The Wiyos play a triple bill at The Sellersville Theater. The only thing that’s kind of a bummer about double or triple bills, is that none of the bands are allotted enough time. I know venue’s try to keep shows under a certain amount of time, but I personally would not mind going to a triple bill that was 3 ½ hours long. That way, each band could get an hour each, as opposed to 30-40 minute sets. AND, there would still be enough time left over for two 15 minute intermissions! Eh? I mean really, how can a band work up momentum when you have to pick no more than six or seven songs to play??? And as a listener, it’s like you’re being teased. If you’ve never heard the band before, of course if it’s one of the three listed above, you’re going to dig ‘em. So you’re listening and thinking, “Wow, these guys are great! I can’t believe I’ve never heard them before!” and then, whoosh! Before you know it, their time is up. Or, if you’re like me and are a huge fan who has seen each band a number of times before, you’re upset that you don’t get to hear more of the songs you know and love. It’s just a disappointing situation all around. So that’s my opinion, but let me not get sidetracked. Back to the show Friday night… It was a blast!!! The three bands are all friends, and have played shows together before. The Two Man Gentleman went on first, and they were a riot! They handed out free kazoos, as they do at all their shows. The Gents are extremely well read, and their songs are about the most obscure things and events. They are absolutely hysterical! I took some videos, but I’m afraid my hand wasn’t quite steady because, try as I might, I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Next up were The Hunger Mountain Boys, and they sounded absolutely terrific. The sound was really well-balanced, and they were really tight. Last, but most definitely not least, were The Wiyos. I have so much admiration and respect for them, and what they do. The set was definitely too short, and I was sorry they didn’t have more time to play. I got a couple of videos, but the rest of the time my sister and I were too busy swing dancing to them, so I didn’t get any of the faster songs. After all three bands were finished playing, Joebass, the bassist for The Wiyos, and Fuller Condon, the bassist for The Two Man Gentleman Band, took the stage and started playing. Then, we heard music coming from the back of the room and turned to see Kip (The Hunger Mountain Boys), Matt (The Hunger Mountain Boys), and Andy (The Two Man Gentleman Band) walking down the side of the room playing clarinet, guitar, and banjo… When we turned back to the stage as they were walking up it, the rest of the guys (Teddy, Michael, and Parrish) had taken the stage as well. They formed an eight piece band with two basses, a clarinet, two guitars, a banjo, horn, and a washboard. They proceeded to  play an awesome rendition of “When The Saint’s Go Marching In.” Unfortunately, I was manning not only my own camera, but also Kip from the Hunger Mountain Boys’, so I took a video of that on his. Keep a look out for it on YouTube! In the meantime, here are some pictures and videos I took. Like the title of this blog says, it was “The greatest triple bill on Earth.” (Maybe even some other planets, I don’t really know)…








The Two Man Gentleman Band: They Can’t Prohibit Love


The Two Man Gentleman Band: Fancy Beer


The Hunger Mountain Boys: Black Bottom Strut


The Hunger Mountain Boys: Can’t Get There From Here


The Wiyos: Jack and Boon


The Wiyos: When You’re Down and Out


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