A Night of _____ with Orb Mellon and Brownbird Rudy Relic

The reason I named this entry “A Night of ______ with Orb Mellon and Brownbird Rudy Relic” is because I don’t really know what to fill in the blank with…

The two of them played at the Black Swan in Tivoli, NY on Saturday night. Orb Mellon was opening the show, and I liked his guitar work. I liked his guitar too (a 1936 Dobro aqquired through Ebay).When he first went on not a lot of people were there, so he sat on a stool at the bar and started playing. Not really individual songs per se, more like a jam session. Some of his songs went on for a good ten minutes, often changing pace and style. When more people started streaming in, he moved to a chair on the floor in the front of the room, leaving room of course for dancing. He told the crowd that before the night was over he wanted some people to dance, and my sister and I were all too happy to oblige. We started swing dancing, doing the shim-sham… Orb Mellon appreciated it too, he later told us that it made his night. What musician wouldn’t appreciate people dancing? To me, it’s only a natural form of expression for how the music makes me feel. If music is good, I can’t sit still. I don’t understand how anyone can. (There were a few of “those people” at the show though… They sat unmoving in their seats, which I personally found impossible to do. At leat tap your head, or foot, or something!).

Brownbird Rudy Relic. Hmm, what to say… Well, Brownbird Rudy Relic is psychotic. Really and truly psychotic. But I mean that in the best way possible! If it weren’t for the fact that he is straight edge (meaning he abstain’s from alcohol, smoking, and other recreational drug use), his antics might leave one to wonder… Okay, so first off, Rudy ran around with a gallon of water before the show. Apparently he does this at all his shows. He later explained this odd habit as so: “I have this gallon of water which I drink from. I drink half of it before the show starts, and then I drink the rest of it during the show. When I get down to the bottom, I know I only have time for a few more songs.” He definitely needed that gallon of water to stay hydrated… His performance was way out there. He jumped up and down, stomping with his stylish black and white shoes, got down on his knees, climbed on chairs… After the first song Rudy took off his shirt and tie, but he didn’t do it in any sort of egotistical way, or for superficial reasons. He did it as to be closer to his guitar. The two as one, his skin against the metal, nothing between them, just doing their thing together. Brownbird Rudy Relic plays acoustic, and even with all the talking and yelling going on in the pub, he didn’t need any amplification. He has an incredibly strong voice, which projects itself just fine without a mic. It would just get in the way anyway, when he’s doing all that running and jumping around… Oh yeah, he broke a wooden bench in the place. He jumped up and down on it, and the seat splintered and broke off. He then proceded to climb onto the bar counter and play his guitar up there. He got down via a bar stool (pausing for a few seconds while standing on it to play there as well) and then worked his way back to his chair. The owner of The Black Swan was cool about it though, he said “It’s not a party until something get’s broken…” Oh yeah, and a glass that was under the bench got broken as well. It was intense. After the show was technically “over”, Orb Mellon and Brownbird Rudy Relic sat in a corner at the front of the pub and jammed for a while. The Black Swan is a fun place. It has a lot of, ahem, “rustic charm”… The people are friendly, the owner is nice, the beer is good (14 on tap), and the music is better. What a way to spend a Saturday night. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

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