The Pine Leaf Boys

The Pine Leaf Boys are amazing. I had the privilege of seeing them at The Rosendale Cafe  last night. I’ve mentioned the place as one of my favorite’s before, and it really is. I couldn’t sleep at all when I got home, I was still so excited by the night’s adventures…

The Pine Leaf Boys were so riled up they decided not to take a break, and they played for two hours straight. They played a waltz after every two-step, with a few exceptions. Jon Bertrand, the guitarist, played till his fingers bled… Before the show, Jon had come over to the table where I was sitting with my family and friends and started talking to us. When he first started talking, he apologized for interrupting us because he said we sounded like we were having deep philosophical discussions. When we said, “No, no! You didn’t disturb us at all!” he responded with the quip, “Nah! You guys sounded like you were about to come up with the cure for cancer or something! And it’s my fault that you won’t now, since I came over and started talking about music”, as he scoffed at himself in a joking manner. But The Pine Leaf Boys are the cure for cancer. Okay, okay, maybe they’re not the cure for cancer… But I swear, if you were to go to at least one of their concerts a week, you would be all the happier and healthier for it. The last time I had so much fun at a concert was when I saw Bob Wills’ Texas Playboy’s at The Bearsville Theater last summer. The Pine Leaf Boys put so much energy, enthusiasm, and most importantly, love, into their playing that you can’t help but love them right back.

Each band member is a talented multi-instrumentalist. For example, Blake Miller usually plays bass in the band. Thursday night however, he played fiddle along with their usual fiddler, Cedric Watson (Blake also plays accordion). Cedric Watson plays fiddle and accordion. He has a really soulful voice too… Wilson Savoy plays accordion and fiddle. He also plays piano, although not in the band. Drew Simon plays drums, but can also play accordion, guitar, and bass. He sings a lot of the songs, both in French and English, and does so in traditional Cajun style. They all sing. They all dance, too! A number of the people who attended the show were dancers, and Mark, the owner of The Rosendale Cafe, pushed the tables to the sides of the room to form a dance space. Jesse Lege (a noted Cajun accordionist and vocalist) sat in with the band, and while he sang and played, a few of the Pine Leaf Boys stepped away from the band for a few songs to join the dancers on the floor. That just added to the whole feel of the evening… It didn’t feel like a “concert”, but a gathering of old friends. The dancers fed off the band’s energy, the band fed off of the dancers energy, and it created sheer excitement among all. I swear, the air was damn near electrically charged… It was truly one of the top concerts I’ve been to in my entire life, and I can’t wait to see them again.

*This is the only video I got, regrettably. I was too busy dancing, and it was pretty crowded anyway.



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