The Blue Ribbon Boys with Julia Gottlieb

There’s nothing like a good ole’ hometown band. The kind that plays at the local park on an evening in late summer, where people can come with family and friends to hang out, have some grub, and listen to good tunes from times long past…

That’s just what occurred on Thursday night. The band was The Blue Ribbon Boys with Julia Gottlieb, and the location was the Claverack Town Park. The Blue Ribbon Boys with Julia Gottlieb play and sing, if not old standards (and some not-so-standards too), then at least band member originals that sound like they could be… Their shows are always great fun. I most enjoy seeing The Blue Ribbon Boys and Julia Gottlieb play outside, or at a local pub (The Main Street Public House in Philmont is one such pub that is a frequent host to Blue Ribbon Boys shows). I like to close my eyes, and let the sweet sounds of Teddy Weber’s lap teel guitar, Matt Downing’s National tenor guitar, Lucas Schwartz’s swingin’ fiddle, and Seth Travins’ steady upright bass wash over me, along with Julia’s voice crooning words like, “Mr. Man in the moon, do you ever see me at all… Or are you simply a lonely man…” (that’s a Seth Travins original). Or hearing them play covers of classic’s such as “Trouble In Mind.” As long as The Blue Ribbon Boys with Julia Gottlieb keep churning out swing numbers and slow ballads (and the occasional polka), all is right in the world. At least my world.

Watch videos of The Blue Ribbon Boys with Julia Gottlieb singing Trouble In Mind and Tears



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