The Metropolitan Hot Club

After enjoying a delicious dinner of chickpea curry over brown rice at The Rosendale Cafe on Saturday evening, my sisters and I were treated to an advance taste of something else altogether. The music of The Metropolitan Hot Club, that is. The members of The Metropolitan Hot Club are Martin Keith on bass, Michael Boyle on guitar, Aaron Lieberman on guitar and vocals, and Michael Snow on violin. Aaron’s father, Hal Liebermann, was sitting in on trumpet on Saturday, and Ed Mariss played a few songs with the band on accordion.

We got to the cafe early to get our usual table in the front and to have dinner. Eating dinner before the concert starts is helpful for two reasons: A), you avoid the craziness of trying to order food while the band is playing, and B), by eating early you can focus on the music without worrying that you might drop chickpeas or other food items in your lap, due to your focus being on watching the musicians instead of where your fork is headed. So we got there early, and the band started their soundcheck just as we were wrapping up dinner. They tweaked and toned until the sound was balanced, and proceded to play a little bit of a song to make sure everything was perfect. Except they played more than a little bit of the song, they played a lot. The Metropolitan Hot Club got really into the music, forgetting it was only a soundcheck until Mark, the owner of The Rosendale Cafe, interrupted them to say that since it was only about an hour before the show started, they should have dinner. The band admitted to frequently getting carried away by the music, which reassured me right then and there that it was going to be a great show. And it was. People had started to trickle in during the soundcheck, and by the time the band started, the cafe was packed! There is more seating than there used to be due to the fact that they installed an antique bar in the cafe about a year ago, but even still, people were standing in every corner of the room, and the crowd was just about out the door. It was wonderful to see, and it’s always a good feeling when there’s that much energy confined into one space for a concert. There were a few songs on which The Metropolitan Hot Club didn’t sound as tight as I had hoped they would be, but that’s about my only complaint against them. Overall it was a great night, and although I can’t speak for everyone who was there, I believe a great time was had by all.

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