Shotgun Party in Philmont

I didn’t have time to take a jog on Thursday (as I like to do most days after work), but that was okay. I got some exercise in anyway, just a little later in the day, and not by jogging. Nope, the exercise I got was by going to The Main Street Public House to see Shotgun Party, a sweet lil’ band from Austin, Texas. Seeing a show by them is suprisingly quite a workout! It’s a footstomping, head nodding, hootin’ and hollering good time. Feel good music at it’s jolliest.

Shotgun Party is currently on their first world tour, which they have named “Wholesome Prison Tour.” And they’re just that, wholesome. They play music which, although indescribable, I would best desribe as psychedelic folk/country with a swinging twist. Weird as that blend of styles may sound, it’s never confusing, always right. Jenny Parrott, the lead singer of Shotgun Party, has an incredibly sweet and cute voice, but it’s never irksome (as a lot of cutesy vocaled singers tend to be after a while), meanwhile fiddler Katy Rose Cox’s playing is a cross between hardcore rock, gypsy, and bluegrass. Shotgun Party’s regular bassist, Christopher Crepps, didn’t go on tour with them due to having a wife and family at home, so playing with the band on the road is Brooklyn based bassist (try saying that three times fast… No, really…) Jared Engel. He is a perfect and seemingly natural fit with Katy and Jenny, and an amazing bass player too!

Shotgun Party is incredibly sweet both in their music and as people. Their music makes you feel warm inside, and is better than hot chocolate on a snowy day. On Thursday evening, the band played a wonderful assortment of songs. Instrumentals, sing-alongs, waltzes, a tango… Perhaps my favorite tune of the evening though was a Sam Cook inspired song, called “In The Mean Old Way.” The song opened with a jazzy little riff on bass, while the audience was instructed to snap their fingers along to the music. Katy’s soaring fiddle then joined, and finally Jenny’s guitar. It was one of the most wonderful songs I’ve ever heard, and I especially loved Jenny and Katy’s vocals on that one. They sounded like an old country sister duet, and you could faintly hear a hint of yodeling bubbling just beneath the surface of their voices.

Shotgun Party’s songs have names as unique as the band’s music is. Names like “Pickled Eggs” for example, or “Little Heart Tune.” Does it get any cuter than that? And before you manly men out there think, “I would never go see a band who sings a song called ‘Little Heart Tune,’ ” let me just say this: my dad is a pipefitter. He took my two sisters and I to tractor pull competitions when we were little. He will never drink flavored coffee, or even put cream in his unflavored coffee, for that matter… My dad loves Shotgun Party. So does my mom, my older sister, and my younger sister.

I do too.

C’mon, what other band spray paints their logo onto assorted used (clean, of course) shirts? None other that I’ve ever heard, and I wear my Shotgun shirts (one a grey t-shirt with cap sleeves, the other a muscle tank) with great pride.

Some videos for your viewing (and listening) pleasure:


Little Heart Tune

Devil’s Gap


Yell Out The Chords

Travelin’ On

And for their encore:

The Party Song

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