New World Home Cooking

I know I usually — okay, always — write about music since this is a music blog and all, but this post, which happens to be about food, ties in to that theme. Sort of. Besides, the meal I had at New World Home Cooking on Tuesday night was so good I just have to share my experience with everyone!

Here’s what I had:

Blackened stringbeans – one of the most popular and beloved appetizers at New World (not to mention a personal favorite of mine). Stringbeans blanched and then blackened in a skillet with Cajun seasoning, served with Remoulade sauce = amazing!

Two clams on the half shell – I’m not a big fan of shellfish, but these were out of this world! Breaded on top and garnished with a cream sauce, sliced scallions, and coarse salt.

Local, freshly picked black trumpet mushrooms on a brioche-type bread, with pickled red cabbage on top – it was a special that night and is not something I would usually try. Initial hesitations aside, I know it sounds a little unusual, but the flavors blended beautifully!!!

Redneck surf and turf – tangy pulled pork, fried catfish (crispy, not at all greasy), Memphis baked beans (spicy, smoky, sweet, hell yeah!), coleslaw, and deliciously seasoned French fries. So much food!

I saved room for dessert, of course. Actually, I didn’t save room, I just forced myself (a hard task, I know) to eat a piece of White Chocolate Tart infused with homegrown mint. I wasn’t planning on getting dessert, but when the waitress was telling the table next to mine the specials, my mouth fell open wider and wider. Banana cream pie! White Chocolate Tart! Ice cream of some sort! (She lost me at the tart). I split a piece with my sister and IT WAS DIVINE!!! I’m not a huge white chocolate fan, but it wasn’t overly sweet and scratchy like white chocolate can be sometimes. It had an incredibly smooth texture, was almost caramel is taste, and the mint was refreshingly delicate, yet bold, harmonizing with the sweetness. The dessert had a homemade graham cracker crust, and underneath the white chocolate filling was a thin milk chocolate layer, while a hard chocolate drizzle criss-crossed over the top.

New World, between Saugerties and Woodstock (with a location in Albany as well) is a great source for amazing food after a concert at any number of nearby music venues (the place also frequently hosts live music itself). I always pass the restaurant on my way home from Maverick, and have stopped for dinner on such an occasion once so far this year. Maverick actually changed the time of all Sunday concerts from 3 to 4pm this season, which means most performances get out around six or six fifteen, ideal for people who like to go out to dinner with friends afterwards. New World is also relatively close to The Bearsville Theater and the Colony Cafe, just to let you know… Check out the restaurant’s website, and be sure to take a look at the live music calender!


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