The Rhodes at Muddycup

Derek Daunicht on rhythm guitar and vocals, David Laviola on drums and vocals, Rob Sciortino on treble guitar and vocals, and Vince Apuzzo on bass make up the Hudson Valley based band The Rhodes. I’ve been admittedly slow in immersing myself in their music — my loss, I now know — but ever since I finally made it to a show this past Saturday, when they were playing a semi-acoustic set at the Muddycup in Saugerties, NY, I am making up for lost time and will continue to do so (the band has been around for a few years, recently gaining momentum in regards to acclaim and press coverage, and played both Mountain Jam and the Rosendale Street Festival this year). As of right now, I’ve been playing their album “Modern Sounds Of Northern Towns” over and over again, and I’m still not tired of it. What, I have a lot of lost time to make up for…

The Rhodes have great energy, and an even greater sound. They’re rock, but a throwback to the rock of the 60’s (with a little bit of doo-wop for good measure), not some wannabe modern rockers. And when I say they’re a throwback, all I mean by that is they are influenced by the bands of that time but put a new spin on the sound, creating their own — which is refreshing! On Saturday they played fast songs, slower songs, and plenty in between. The band cracked a lot of jokes during the show, had great stage presence, and you can tell they genuinely like each other and enjoy what they’re doing. As for the songs, The Rhodes have quite an impressive range in their ammunition: they played a sad but sweet sounding one about a girl named Angie, called “Oh Angie,” a few country inspired tunes, some fun dance numbers, and a damn good rendition of the classic “You Don’t Know Me.” I’ve heard some really painful versions of that song, but The Rhodes’ take was mellow and fresh, and Derek’s voice was perfect singing it. Another notable song was “She’s All That I Have,” which Derek and David took turns singing verses of while Rob and Vince sang backup vocal harmonies. The music had a full sound and was well put together in all aspects. The band was well put together in their appearance as well… They’re definitely stylish, and were wearing an assortment of dark pressed shirts, suspenders, and ties, but with a slightly punk edge. Although not nearly as important as the music, image definitely adds to the enjoyment of a show, especially when it fits with the band’s sound. That is true of The Rhodes, who have something good going with both.


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