The Minivans at the Main Street Public House

Now that the weather’s getting colder, there really is no place more inviting and warming to both body and soul than a pub. Not just any pub, but the Main Street Public House in Philmont, NY. The inner warmth comes from enjoyment and contentment, the physical warmth comes from sitting or standing in the cozy pub surrounded  by cheerful people. What could make a situation like that even better? Why, live music of course! That is something there’s no shortage of at the Main Street Public House, and last Thursday evening I attended a show by The Minivans.

The band opened with “My One Desire,” and throughout the night their music had a great rural country sound. They played rockabilly, western swing, bluegrass… Cowboy music, I guess you could say. They looked the part too, outfitted in flannel shirts and worn jeans. This isn’t your typical hipster look though, folks… You can’t fake those dirt and grease stains! The Minivans are the real deal, both musically and as people. Kiki Dufault played guitar and sang, and her vocals have a real nice twang. Jim Krewson played electric bass and sang, and as for his vocals, he has shades of that high lonesome traditional style in his voice. Seth Travins sang as well, in addition to playing guitar, and the other musicians playing in The Minivans on Thursday were Evan Paluzzo on piano, Pete Adams on lap steel guitar, and Rick Leab on drums. For the most part Jim, Seth, and Kiki took turns singing lead or harmonies with each other, but Pete sang lead on a song as well, called “San Antone.”

The Minivans played a well balanced set of swing tunes, slow ballads, and…a song about Wal-Mart? Yep, that would be a funny song Jim wrote about how he will “never go in that big grey store again.” At one point the pub turned into a 50’s high school dance, when the band played Elvis’ “Wearin’ That Loved-On Look” and the entire crowd — save one or two people — rock and roll danced along. I go to concerts at the pub quite often, and it’s always great to see people appreciate the music that is taking place. I said there’s nothing better than a cozy pub and live music but, after thinking about it, I’d like to add to that statement. There’s nothing better than a warm pub, great music, and an enthusiastic and happy crowd. I got to experience all three on Thursday.


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