The Minivans at the Main Street Public House

Playing at the Main Street Public House last Friday was the band The Minivans, who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing many times. The Minivans are a band whose music swings, rocks 60’s style, and brings on the heartache just like a good country inspired band should. As they say, “It ain’t over till someone’s crying in their beer.” Okay, I don’t know if people actually say that, but they should. You know a band has skill when they can evoke sadness in an audience, as The Minivans can. Don’t worry though folks, they won’t leave you sad. Next song you’ll be dancing to a genial swing tune, guaranteed.

The Minivans are Jim Krewson on bass and vocals, Seth Travins on guitar and vocals, sisters Kiki and Melissa Dufault (Kiki on guitar and vocals, Melissa on vocals), Pete Adams on steel guitar, Lukas Schwartz on fiddle, and Rick Leab on drums. The band has a charming, slightly rustic and rough around the edges kind of sound that makes them an authentic country delight. Jim and Kiki sang a number of songs in harmony on Friday and their vocals were gloriously heartachy and heartbreaking at times. Their duets are always extremely haunting and send shivers down my spine… There’s something majestic about steel guitar and Pete’s paying was magnificent, the sounds cascading over the audience in undulated glory. On the electric spectrum of guitar Seth had some hot solos, while Lukas’ playing was filled with energy and spark throughout the evening.

The Minvans always play a wide range of songs. Two-steps, swing dance numbers, occasionally a polka or two… They also play a couple of covers that they make their own, such as Elvis’ “Wearin’ That Loved-On Look.” One of my favorites, though, is a Minivans original: their self-titled theme song. It’s a song you just have to hear for yourself to understand how great it is. Towards the end of the night the band played a truly exquisite waltz, and it brought up feelings of unexpected nostalgia in me because of its sweetness and beauty.

The Minivans’ transport listeners. Each song is a story, which they tell with energy and refreshing truth. That’s exactly what their music is, refreshingly honest. The band’s music has a little bit of everything, and when listening one feels complete. All was right and perfect in the world, at least for me, during the three hours I enjoyed listening and dancing to The Minivans.

*You can catch The Minivans at the Brick House Pub in Housatonic, MA on December 12 at 9pm.


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