The Shanghai String Quartet with pianist Joel Fan at Maverick

As far as classical music goes, there is something particularly magical about string quartets. As far as string quartets go, the Shanghai Quartet is indisputably one of the best in the world. It is my personal favorite, and I was incredibly disappointed that I would miss the quartet’s 2011 return to Maverick Concerts in Woodstock, NY because I was away. However, with Maverick postponing concerts because of the bad weather brought on by Hurricane Irene, I was back in time for the re-scheduled performance this past Saturday. Joining the quartet this year was a special guest and renowned musician in his own right, pianist Joel Fan. The first piece on the program was Three Meditations from Mass by American composer Leonard Bernstein, played by Shanghai Quartet cellist Nicholas Tzavaras and Joel Fan. Next was Beethoven’s String Quartet in C Major, Op. 59, No. 3, and to close the program was a work by another American composer, Arthur Foote’s Piano Quintet in A Minor.

The concert was truly a special experience, one that cannot be described in words, so I chose not to write about it. Beyond that, I wanted to enjoy the performance for what it was and immerse myself fully in the music. I felt an assortment of emotions throughout the performance, including peace, sorrow, and breathless joy, and at the concert’s close I was left in awe.

Photo taken from the quartet’s website

Photo taken from the pianist’s website

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